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Dear Peaceful People,

We originally set out on a journey of personal discovery, wanting to know how we can enter and maintain a state of inner comfort peace and tranquility. Along the path we came across material, experiences and connecting to a stream of knowledge beyond our everyday thinking.

Pondering such findings and opening up to a new understanding we knew that if they are presented to people in the right way, the rest of the world could really benefit. Helping the second generation understand they really are peaceful people.

“A brand new angle and a means to help understand who we are, why we are here and where we are heading.”

It all ended and began with the generation model. It’s a group of set characteristics, behaviors and material objects that manifest across three generations of consciousness.

More about the generation model can be found here.

If this is your first visit to our site you won’t yet understand that it’s quite ironic that the content material and services contained within have never been published before, yet this is third generation content for a second generation audience. You will have to read more to fully understand exactly what we mean by this, but for the time being we would like you to familiarize yourself with the third generation principles below and come to accept what you can, and learn to let go of what you find hard to uphold as a thought or belief.

Here are the seven principles;

1.       Everything and anything we can perceive is a thought
2.       We maintain consciousness across three generations of perception
3.       We hold innate wisdom
4.       Reality will always change
5.       We have freedom of choice
6.       Our natural self is separate from our thinking
7.       The more we intervene in life the less meaningful it becomes

In conjunction with the three generations model the depth of understanding and deep insight contained within will change your view of yourself and the world around you forever.

This is a real positive change as the hula energies encompass all three generations and it is these three generations that represent and initiate the choices we have and the choices we will make. So let’s make the most informed decision possible we invite you.


John Edward Jenkinson

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